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This session will be held on
13.00 – 15.00

Clinical Psychology 1 at Burgundy 1A

Predicting Clinical Symptom Among Freshmen College Students from Loneliness and Psychological Well Being: A Multiple-regression Approach Clement Eko Prasetio
Self-esteem as a Protective Factor of Suicidal Behavior of High School Students in Denpasar Tience Debora Valentina
Why Do the College Students Have the Urge to Injure Themselves? Alfath Hanifah Megawati
Speech Reconfirmation on Global Aphasia Language: How Understandable? (Psycho-Pragmatic Study) Nugroho Ponco Santoso
It’s Like There’s a Stranger in My House Now: Psychological Ambiguous Loss Experienced by Spousal Caregivers Living with Anxiety Disorders Sufferers Liebe Malka E. P. P Poli
Schizophrenia: The Illness Behind the Great Jazz Hersa Aranti
Examining the Role of Eyes on Rational Decision Making: An Eye Tracking Investigation Saurabh Maheshwari

Clinical Psychology 2 at Burgundy 1B

The Effects of Rumination Following a Stressful Event Colette Renee Roos
Coping with Stress in India: Psychometric Properties and Validity of The Tamil Version of the Dyadic Coping Inventory Ashley Karey Randall
The Lived Experience of Involuntary Childless in Indonesia:  Descriptive Phenomenological Analysis Miwa Patnani
The Relationship between Anxiety and Heart-quality of Life (HRQoL) in Heart Disease Patients: Coping Strategies as a Moderator Variable Putri Dewinta
Adverse Childhood Experiences, Attachment Style and Post-Traumatic Growth on Dating Violence Survivors Pingkan Cynthia Belinda Rumondor

Early Childhood and Development 1 at Burgundy 2

Effectiveness of Chaining Technique Implementation in Improving Dressing Skills of Children with Moderate Intellectual Disability Jehan Safitri
The Mandiri Guide Book to Increase Parents’ Knowledge to Teach Feeding Skills for Children with Intellectual Disability Dwi Iramadhani
A Guide Book for Parents with Intellectually-Disabled Children: Increasing Knowledge of Teaching Dressing Skills Adelin Australiati Saragih & Budi Andayani
Application of Prompt Fading Technique to Increase Compliance Behavior of an 8-Year-Old Child with Mild Intellectual Disability Ayunda Shabriani Tyara
Yuk Makan! Program as an Application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Principle to Overcome Selective Eating Problem in a 7-Year-Old Child Ayunda Shabriani Tyara
Single-Case Design: The Effectiveness of Backward Chaining in Improving Buttoning Skills on a Child with Intellectual Disability and Low Vision Sarah Halimah Wibowo
Growth Curves of Human Brain Subcortical Areas in Children and Adolescents Ning Yang

Intervention Methods at Burgundy 3

Waste Management Psychoeducation Using Wayang Kancil Folktale on Early Age Children Wakhid Mustofa
Collective Efficacy in the Empowerment of the Wheelchair Tennis Sports Group for Persons with Disabilities at the National Paralympic Committee of Indonesia of Bogor District Dita Esa Putri Damanik
The Poorest Community: Can Appreciative Inquiry Answer Their Problems? Naila Kamaliya & Nasrun Annahar
The Effectiveness of Improving Self-Efficacy Toward Prosocial Behavior on Bystander Bullying Navia Fathona Handayani & Lisnawati
Psychosocial Correlates of Adjustment among Maoist conflict exposed Youth of Chhattisgarh State Mona Makhija

Urban and Cross Cultural Psychology at Burgundy 4

Cultural Contact, Cultural Values and Vocational Education as Predictors of Education Expectation in Baduy Community Hendro Prabowo
The potential dark side of religiousness: Can it be associated with higher religious and spiritual struggles? Yonathan Aditya
Self-Actualization as the Predictor of Flourishing Evanytha
False Memory in Traffic Accident Context: The Effect of Word Types and Gender Diandra Yasmine Irwanda
Loneliness as a Predictor of Life Satisfaction among Older Adults in Bali Agnes Utari Hanum Ayuningtias
Ethnic-Racial Socialization as an External Predictor of Tolerance to Diversity: A Study of Chinese-Indonesian Young Adults Levina Xaveria

Industrial Organizational & Organization Theory at Burgundy 5

The Mediating Role of Psychological Capital in Organizational Climate and Work Engagement Relationship Wahid Hasyim
Empowering Leadership and Innovative Work Behavior: Exploring the Role of Organizational Climate for Innovation Dhuha Trieska Amalia
A Qualitative Study on The Roles and Contributions of Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychologists as Academicians in Malaysia Affezah Ali & Muhammad Salman Abdus Samad
The Mediating Effect of Organizational Embeddedness in the Relationship between Perceived Career Opportunity and Turnover Intentions Haiti Maria Esterlita
Hurry Up! Change Now or Never: The Mediating Role of Affective Commitment to Perceived Organizational Support and Readiness for Change Artisita Rochmi & Arum Etikariena
The Role of Age and Tenure as Moderator in Relationship between Organizational Climate and Readiness for Change in Indonesian Air Force Manggala Purwakancana Natapoera & Arum Etikariena
The Correlation of Psychological Empowerment and Commitment to Organizational Change in Universitas Negeri Padang Rindang Ayu

Psychology & Education at Burgundy 7

The Effectiveness of SERASI Intervention Program For Improving Parents Attitudes Toward Students With Disabilities Farida Aini
The Effectiveness of SERASI Program To Influence Students’ Attitude Towards Students With Special Educational Needs Rachel Ullynaria Doreen
Parental Attitudes of Preschool Children toward Student with Special Needs in Inclusive and Non-Inclusive Kindergarten: A Comparative Study Hanifah Sabila
Gender Differences in Technology Usage Among Young Children in Selangor, Malaysia Crendy Tan Yen Teng
The Effectiveness of Behavior Modification Using Fading Technique to Improve The Vocabulary of Deaf Students in SLB-C Negeri Pembina Banjarbaru Gusti Medinda Ridha Putri & Rusdi Rusli
Improving Reading Comprehension through Summarization Technique: a Single Case Study of Student with Borderline Intellectual Functioning Wulansari Ardianingsih
Early Intervention Services for Special Needs Children: An Exploration of the Effectiveness of Early Special Education in Malaysia Zhooriyati Sehu Mohamad
This session will be held on
15.15 – 17.15

Clinical Psychology 1 at Burgundy 1A

A Foundation to Better Intervention on Marital Satisfaction as a Probable Cause to High Divorcement Rate in Depok Aditya Benyamin & Alvin Theodorus Larosa
If They Were Still Together: Parents’ Marital Status and Psychological Distress among College Students Lavenda Geshica
Enhancing Marriage Readiness Among Emerging Adults in Indonesia Through Islamic-based Family Education Irwan Nuryana Kurniawan
The Attachment of Parent-Recommended-Marriage Couple in Kurai Limo Jorong Bukittinggi, West Sumatera Province, Indonesia Rida Yanna Primanita
Perceived Social Support and Romantic Relationship Quality: Better Wingman, Parent or Friend Walton Wider
Students’ Metacognition and Personal Epistemology: View on Family and Marriage Judy Santelices Tanael

Clinical Psychology 2 at Burgundy 1B

The Correlation Between Family Functioning and Caregiver Burden Among Family Caregivers of Breast Cancer Patients Marisya Putri Andina
The Correlation between Family Functioning and Quality of Life among Family Caregivers of Cervical Cancer Patients Rinella Febry Autrilia
Emerging Adult Volunteers in Indonesia: Relationship between Personality Traits and Volunteer Motivation Daeng Azizah Rahmatia
Self-efficacy as the mediator of the relationship between paternal approval and suicidal ideation among Malaysian adolescents Shin Ling Wu
The Effectiveness of Psychoeducation in Managing Caregiver Burden in Schizophrenia Caregiver Laurentius Sandi Witarso
A Single-case Design: The effectiveness of Antecedents Control and Differential Reinforcement of Incompatible Behavior in Treating Eating Disorder Dhisty Azlia Firnandy

Early Childhood and Development at Burgundy 2

The Influence of Mother’s Parenting Styles and Prosocial Behavior on Muslim Adolescents’ Religious Tolerance Kinta Erstuputri Herawan
The Relation Between Tolerance and Attitudes toward Diversity of Children in the Concrete Operational Development Wahyu Nurramdan Widayanto
Filial Piety and Life Satisfaction among Adolescents in Malaysia: A Viewpoint of Multiethnic Collectivist Society Soon Aun Tan
Social Control Dynamics of Family on Adolescents with Drug (NAPZA) Abuse Risk Hesti Kusumastuti HK
The Effect of Perceived Parental Warmth on Mental Illness Among Orphaned Adolescents in Indonesia Linda Mutiara Larassati Reksodiputro
Significant Figures, Resilience and Delinquency among Adolescents in Orphanages in Jakarta Winarini Wilman Dahlan
Psychological and Psycho-social determinants on the occurrence of mischievous behaviors among youth in Kuala Lumpur Mimi Fitriana & Nur Hamizah Hj Ramli

Industrial Organizational & Organization Theory 1 at Burgundy 3

Relationship of Affect, Emergent Leadership, and Performance in Group Creative Work Khuria Amila
Heroic Leadership as a Mediator of the Influence Spirituality Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence to Work Achievement on Agency Manager of PT. Prudential Life Assurance Antonius Dieben Robinson Manurung
The role of Authentic Leaders in Employee Innovation: The Mediation Effect of Psychological Capital Nur Maulany Din El Fath
Transformational Leadership and Organizational Sustainability with Psychological Empowerment as the Mediator Wustari L Mangundjaya
Proactivity and Employee Creativity: The Mediator Roles of Feedback Seeking Behavior and Moderating Effect of Task Feedback Fajrin Putra Utama
Does Voice Behavior Lead to Creativity in Proactive People? The Study of Marketing Employees Ayudia Popy Sesilia
Leader-Member Exchange and Employee Creativity: Mediation Effect Felt Responsibility Yossi Kalista Dwityaputri

Psychology & Education 1 at Burgundy 4

Improving Emotional Competence with Self-development Training Program Among First Year Psychology Students Devita Ratna Ayu Widowati
The Effects of Parental and Peer Attachment on University Adjustment among First Year Undergraduate Students Su-Wan Gan
Relationship Between Psychological Well Being and College Students’ Problem Airin Triwahyuni & Hery Susanto
Empowering Peer Support to Lowering Depression Rate among Indonesian College Students Elok D Malay
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Approach for Improving Self-Acceptance: A Single Case Study in College Student Patricia Evelyn Pasaribu
The Relationship between Vocational Exploration and Commitment, Career Decision Making Self-Efficacy and Parental Career-Related Behaviors among Adolescents Meilita Jamilah Samosir
Emotional Intelligence as A Mediator Between Personality and Happiness Among Adolescents in Malaysia Miaw Sze & Mohtarram Rabbani

Industrial Organizational & Organization Theory 2 at Burgundy 5

Why are Your Employees Leaving? The Effect of Organizational Mobility Preferences on Turnover Intention Using Affective Commitment as Mediator. Callista Hapsari Almira Inez Ersya
The Relation of Work-life balance: Counterproductive Work Behaviour and Turnover Intention among Malaysian employees Ting Ying Tan
Dispositional Affectivity, Workplace Social Support, and Collectivism as Predictors for Emotional Labour Strategies: A Diary Study Ika Nurfitriani Listyanti
Counterproductive Work Behavior Among Government Employees: Role of Basic Psychological Needs, Compensation, and Organizational Justice Ahimsyah Wahyu Pratama
Psychological Contract Breach and Organizational Justice as Predictors of Counterproductive Work Behavior Sushma Suri

Psychology & Education 2 at Burgundy 7

Reliability and Validity Empiric of Adolescents’ Self-concept Short Scale (ASCSS) among   SMA Taruna Nala Students Tutut Chusniyah & Moh Bisri
Psychological Test Construction: Teacher’s Caring Muhammad Aji Winata
Psychological Test Construction: Teacher’s Academic Optimism for Secondary School Teacher Thelma Ghatya
Construction of Enthusiasm Test for Secondary Teachers Hasyani Karima
Development of Metacognition Awareness Test for Teacher Gilang Muhamad
Developing of Executive Function Rating Scale in Indonesia: Item Discrimination and Reliability Coefficients Auliya Syaf
Intellectual Intelligence Analysis on Figural Creativity Levels for Elementary School Students Billy Hendrik
This session will be held on
08.00 – 10.00

Clinical Psychology 1 at Burgundy 1A

Support Group Intervention to Reduce Social Alienation and Loneliness among College Students with Victimization Experience Cut Maghfirah Faisal
The Roles of Family Functioning in Predicting Social Support on Young Adult Drug Addicts Who Undergo Rehabilitation Kinanti Soca Larashita
The Correlation between Family Functioning and Self Esteem among Students with Obesity Doni Dwi Anjasmara
Seeking Mediating Effect of Optimism toward Hardiness and Health-Promoting Behavior among East Jakarta Poor Community Dini Hanifa
Effect of Laughter Exercise on Memory Md. Shahinoor Rahman
Personal Enrichment Method: An Implication of Psychological Approach Towards Recovery and Resiliency of The Acehnese Tsunami Survivors Mimi Fitriana
Religiousness, well-being and religious/spiritual struggle among Indonesian students: Who struggle more, males or females? Ihan Martoyo

Clinical Psychology 2 at Burgundy 1B

The Implementation of Brief-ACT in Group Setting to Reduce Body Dissatisfaction Among Young Adulthood Women Vitriyani Sukarno Karyo
Emotional Eating, How to Deal with; Brief – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Group for Young Adult Women Talitha Syabana Fajrin
Progressive Relaxation for Treating Primary Insomnia: A Case Study Syazka Kirani Narindra
Brief Positive Psychotherapy: Implication for Reducing Negative Thoughts in College Student’s Interpersonal Relationship Didon Permadi
Counseling as Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder in Woman Participated in Radical Organization: A Case Study Hasna Nadira
Multiple strategy of relaxation techniques to deal with stuck point in reducing Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) symptoms: A case study of Indonesian Housewife Faiz Agung Baskoro
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to Reduce Caregiver Strain in Mothers having Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Dewinta Larasati Setiawan

Early Childhood and Development at Burgundy 2

The Effectiveness of Psychoeducation to be Smart Parents for Children in the Digital Age in order to Increase Parent’s Knowledge to Prevent Pornography for Children Fauzia Wati
The Effectiveness of Positive Reinforcement as Application of the Behavior Modification Principle for Developing Discipline in Early Childhood: Intervention for Caregiver’s Skills Salsabila Mayang Sari
Effectiveness of Principle of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy for Anger Management to Decrease Aggressive Behavior on Child with Alopecia Aryani Rahmah Utami
Changing Hitting Chest to be Stroking Chest with Shaping and Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behavior Method for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder with Intellectual Impairment Aryani Rahmah Utami
A Single-case Design: The Effectiveness of Antecedents Control and Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behaviors in Reducing Screen Time on an Adolescent with Autism Spectrum Disorder Elisabeth Santoso
Intervention to Change Negative Thoughts and Anxiety through Cognitive Behavior Therapy Fatin Rohmah Wahidah
Implementation of Anger Treatment with a Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Reduce Aggressive Responses when Angry in An Adolescent with Borderline Intelligence Harum Saraswati

Psychology & Education 1 at Burgundy 3

The Effect of Leadership Curriculum on Leadership Traits Development on the Gifted Students Nur Eva
Curriculum Development Research of Indonesia Kindergarten Based on the Perspective of Playing with Nature Unit from Living Environmental Studies in Japan Hifizah Nur
Building Entrepreneurial Attitude Orientation at Millennial Students Anissa Lestari Kadiyono
Challenging Behavior in Early Childhood Education: Teacher’s Knowledge and its Implementation Pinkan Margaretha Indira & Misel Mutiara Mastiani
Self-Regulated Learning and Tawakal in Learning Effect on Students’ Academic Stress Nur Fatimah Supardi
Gender Differences in Technology Usage Among Young Children in Selangor, Malaysia Crendy Tan Yen Teng
Effectiveness of Applied Shaping Technique to Improve Speech Capability of Children with Speech Delayed Gregorius Edrik Lawanto

Urban & Cross Cultural Psychology at Burgundy 4

Is it Really Safe? The Perceived Risk of Go-Jek Services Scale Lavenda Geshica
In a Relationship: Understanding the Associations between Social Media Use and Relational Well-Being Mara Kimmel
The Role of New Ecological Paradigm on Pro-environmental Behavior of Jakarta’s Citizens Risellgia Caninsti & Fathia Rachma
Influence Optimism and Self-Efficacy To E-Commerce Consumer Decision Making Hizza Anisa YHA
Smartphone, Social Media and Indonesian Adolescents Eka Riyanti Purboningsih & Lenny Kendhawati

Industrial Organizational & Organization Theory at Burgundy 5

How To Increase Millennial’s Engagement? Finding Job Autonomy’s Salience in The Context of High Workload Ida Ayu Karina Adityanti Manuaba
Virtue Company Makes Me Engage! Mediation Role of Organizational Identification at Workplace Inggil Sholata Sya
Engaged or Burnout: Where things go wrong? Bunga Indira Artha
Empowering Leadership and Work Engagement: The Role of Psychological Empowerment as a Mediation Rizqi Zulfa Qatrunnada
Difference in Seafarers’ Performance in Terms of Years of Service and Age Dessy Nur Utami
The Relation of Job Demand to Job Stress on Teachers and Staff in HIJ School: The Role of Job Crafting Programme as Intervention Vissy Vandiya Barley
Changes in Affective Experiences in Convergent and Divergent Creative Group Works Khuria Amila

Psychology & Education 2 at Burgundy 7

The Effectiveness Of Sekolah Ramah Inklusi (SERASI) Training Programme To Increase Primary Teacher’s Positive Attitudes Towards Special Needs Student. Rafidah Riahta
School climate: A quantitative study of middle high school students in Vietnam Huong Thu Tran
Pre-Service Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Inclusive Education: A Comparative Study Between Different Majors Fika Fatia Qandhi
The Development of Teachers’ Attitude toward Information and Communication Technology Scale Hasya Millatina
Exploring teachers’ understanding on psychological violence in responding the 2015 Violence-free school climate policy Uswatun Qoyyimah & Yosi Agustiawan
The Effectiveness of Token Economy to Enhance Reading Stimulation at Home A’yunin Akrimni Darojat

ICIAP 2018 poster session will be exhibited inside the Ballroom, and in front of the Burgundy Rooms on the Ground floor during coffee and lunch break. The list of the posters as follows:


On Volunteer Motivations in Emerging Adults: How It Connects to Generalized Self-Efficacy? Adrianisa Kamila Shabrina & Sugiarti Musabiq
The Correlation Between Family Functioning and Caregiver Burden Among Family Caregivers of Breast Cancer Patients Marisya Putri Andina
Single-Case Study: Can Emotion Acceptance-Based Intervention Alleviate Depression Symptoms and Alcohol Consumption in College Student? Alfath Hanifah Megawati & Bona S. H. Hutahaean
Conflict Resolution Styles as Predictor of Marital Satisfaction in Commuter Marriage Couple Chrishianie, Adriana S. Ginanjar, & Indira Primasari
The Moderating Effect of Parents’ Marital Status on the Relationship between Psychological Distress and Communication Dimension as the Important Factor for Intervention to Indonesian College Students Anindita Keumalahayati Alkarisya & Sugiarti Musabiq
The relationship between spiritual well-being  and quality of life – Illness perception as a mediator variable Diah Nurayu Kusumawardani & Sali Rahadi Asih
The Journey of Finding Meaning in Life: Posttraumatic Growth Experience in Notable Holocaust Survivors Sri Wulandari
Parental Beliefs and Children’s Metacognitive Awareness Nina Marliyani
Correlation Between Autonomy and Parent Attachment on Sundanese Students Agus Abdul Rahman, Aa Idharul Haq, Asri Nurmalaputri, Fitri Aulia, Muhammad Yasin, Sifa Fitria, Nur’aini Azizah
The Relationship between Procedural Justice, Organization climate and Leader-member exchange on Felt accountability. Adang Addha
Relationship Between Perceived Organizational Support and Organizational Affective Commitment and Psychological Contract Breach Role as Moderation Widya Andini, Endang Parahyanti
The Effectiveness of Group Bibliotherapy in Decreasing the Aggressiveness of Elementary School Students Fikri Tahta Nurul Fiqih, Annita Wahyuningtyas, Abid Abdi Aziz, Erni Agustina Setiowati
Relationship Between Personality Traits and Attitude Towards Inclusive Education Among Preschool Teachers Chairunnisa Rizkiah, Farida Kurniawati
Acceptance of Children Disabilities in Early Childhood Inclusive Education Lathifah Noor Jaswandi
Understanding Teacher’s Attitudes Toward Special Needs Children and The Teacher’s Engagement in The Inclusive Preschool Putri Eka Siagian
An Overview of Teacher’s Attitude and Teacher’s Emotional Support in Inclusive Preschool Anastasia Arta Uli
The Effect of Teacher’s Self-efficacy in Teaching Towards Teacher’s Attitude in Inclusive Preschool Feby Rahayu
The Attitudes of In-Service and Pre-Service Teachers Toward Inclusive Education : A Comparative Study in Terms of Teaching Experience, Interaction With Students With Special Education Needs, And Training Experience Nur Aisyah Rumalutur
Relationship Between Empathy Level and Social Entrepreneurship Intention to Students in Jakarta Levina Tania, Benedicta Prihatin Dwi Riyanti
Symbolic and Non-symbolic Magnitude Representations Training on Number Sense: A Preliminary Study on Early Childhood Education in Indonesia Carla Rosalyn, Mahavira Wangulimala Hengatha, Kevin Widjaja, Fransiskus Xaverius Ivan, Yetty Ramli
Resilience of Community in Flood Disaster Integrated with Public Learning Centre in East Jakarta, Indonesia Zarina Akbar, Gumgum Gumelar F. Rakhman, Erik, Bijak Aditia Hutomo
The Self-Efficacy Training “Aku Peduli” for Increasing Self Efficacy and Its Correlation with Pro-social Behavior of Bystander Navia Fathona Handayani, L. Lisnawati
Impact of Leisure Engagement on Stress Tolerance: The Mediator Role of Variety Rekha Wagani
There is No Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow: Could We Live Peacefully in a Diverse World? Ignatius Ryan Jefri Dharmawan, Rizki Restuning Tyas, Riska Andari, Anastasia Purwanti Putri Wahyu
Emotional Display Rules Among Javanese Today Nada Adara Arsyanti, Siti Nurhafidah Umiroh, Tiara R. Widiastuti
A Comparative Study of Emotion Words Production Between Sundanese Female and Male Sundanese Nabilah Putri Sulaeman, Hendrick Wijaya, Azzahra Venusyah Kantri, Tiara Widiastuti


The Relationship between Boredom Proneness and Sensation Seeking among Adolescent and Adult Former Drug Users Safira Putri
Pain Management, Coping Stress, and Quality of Life Woman with Fibromyalgia: Qualitative case study Euis Desy Mayangsari, Elizabeth Kristi
Flow of Cognitive Processes and Non-verbal Reactions When Lying Anifah
Illness Perception Matters; Adherence in Coronary Heart Patient Talitha Sya’banah Fajrin Sudana, Sali Rahadi Asih
Religious and Spiritual Struggle among Indonesian Students: Who Struggle More, Males or Females? Ihan Martoyo
TRUST ME IN TEAM WORKS! Study of the Influence of Knowledge Sharing on Team Effectiveness with Virtual Team Trust as Moderator Variables Kurrota A’yuni, Endang Parahyanti
The Influence of Psychological Biases on Investment Decision Making: An Empirical Study of PT Indo Premier Sekuritas Branch Office in Pondok Indah Rahma Amalia
Problem-Based Learning on Programming Lesson Achmad Aliyil Khakim
Developing a New Adaptability Test for Indonesian High School Teacher Fadhliyah Tania Heryanto
Correlation between Self-Compassion and College Adjustment Alvin Adelino
Teacher’s Characteristics as a Factor in Gifted Student’s Engagement and Academic Performance in Junior High School Carissa Dwilanisusantya
The Association Between Teacher-Student Relationship And Peer Acceptance Toward Student With Special Needs In Inclusive Kindergartens Setting Tara Yoriestasia
Relationship between Self-Regulated Learning and Muraqabah with Academic Dishonesty on Graduate Students Rizky Susanty, Lydia Freyani Hawadi
Teacher Perceptions and Parenting Style on Gender Practice and Their Effects on Gifted Girls’ Achievement Sandara Mumpuni Winali Siregar
Relationship between Parenting Style and Self-Regulated Learning with the Ability of Al Quran Literation in Muslim Adolescents Fairuz Nadiah, Lydia Freyani Hawadi
Internal Structure of  Marital Instability Index: Empirical Evidence in Indonesian context Soerjantini Rahaju
Tatur Indah Yasminum Suhanti
Impact Analysis of Religiosity on Donation Behaviour by Using Classroom Experiment Method Indah Putri Istiqomah, Alin Halimatussadia, Atiqah Amanda Siregar
The Effect of Critical Thinking Test on Lesser Support of Violence Radicalism on High School Students Mirra Noor Milla, Whinda Yustisia, Haykal Hafizul Arifin, Dini Rachmayanti
Cultivating Awarefulness through the Practice of Eling lan Awas:  A Validation Study Yohanis Franz La Kahija & Amalia Rahmandani
Emotional Intelligence and Organisational Commitment: A study on work performance among working adults who studied part time Nurul-Azza Abdullah